Open letter to President Trump – Arrest illegals who attend State of the Union Address

From: Timothy Dalton, Florida. Date: January 29, 2018

Dear Mr. President,

I get the news that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and some Democrats are planning to bring illegals (so-called ‘Dreamers’) to watch you speak as you address the nation for your first State of the Union. That’s fine with me, but then ABC News reports said that Pelosi and her team will be giving these illegals seats in the House gallery which used to be allocated for the brave military heroes and law-abiding citizens – in fact, the best of America.

I am shocked to see that Democrats are taking questionable routes and perhaps breaking the law by bringing in illegals in the sacred chamber where the laws of the land are passed for citizens of this country.

As president and top executive, I believe it is your duty to ensure that the law of the land is executed and restore order. I strongly urge you to bring border patrol force and ICE agents to arrest illegals. If you consider that too extreme, at least fill the remainder of the House gallery with ICE agents and patriots.

Remember that we are all dreamers and no lesser a dreamer than the so-called ‘Dreamers’. The children of honest taxpayers and good citizens are the real Dreamers who should get the front seat.

If your ‘America First’ agenda is about putting Americans and their interests first, you should order ICE agents to round up the illegals who dared to attend the State of the Union address and deport them.

Timothy Dalton, Florida.

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