An Open letter to Dreamers

Dear Dreamers,

Being a keen observer to your concerns and your movement to become legal citizens of the United States I’m sure that your voice has been heard by both the Democratic and the Republican parties.

Being put in a difficult situation by the illegal acts of your parents who broke the law of the land I understand that you are totally innocent.

Being in a country that you know to be your own since your birth I understand that you are the sons and daughters of this land.

Being men and women who have and share the American dream I understand that you are all for making your dreams come true in the land of opportunity.

Being taken for a ride by some political parties who feigned to espouse your concerns I understand how desperate you are when they lied to you that Americans don’t care about you.

Being a contributor to the American economy I understand how many hours you work to make ends meet.

…And being a concerned fellow, I have few suggestions: –

  1. Why don’t you work with President Donald Trump instead of being against him? I am sure he will help you.
  2. Why don’t you stop using profane words during your protest rallies? I am sure there are better words that will appeal to a larger audience.
  3. Why don’t you reach out collectively to the Republican party leadership? I am sure you will they will be more happy to help you out and find a permanent solution.

I hope all of you will one day become legal citizens of United States and contribute to Making America Great Again.


Samuel Jacobs, Texas

Date: January 26, 2018.

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