Open Letter to Hollywood – Stop lecturing us

Dear Hollywood,

You have been the voice of the voiceless many decades ago. However, since President Donald Trump won and took charge, you guys have totally gone berserk as you failed to see the hay in your own eye while you tried to twist every words of the president into hate. Let me layout 13 points that could pull you out of the gutter you are in right now:

  1. Don’t lecture us about Trump and morals when you’ve been covering up rapists, paedophiles, and perverts for years.
  2. Don’t stop watching CNN, but also watch Fox News, Russia Today, BBC and others to have a better world view. Don’t be lazy. Don’t depend on just one news channel.
  3. Stop projecting your ideological, racial, and sexual neuroses onto the rest of us. Just because most of you are quietly complicit or active participants in your own degenerate, casting couch-powered r**e culture, doesn’t mean that we are. So piss off.
  4. Don’t criticize my right to own a gun and have a wall with Mexico while you surround yourself with armed bodyguards, armoured cars, and gated communities (which us regular people can’t afford…..). That’s hypocrisy. Stop it.
  5. Get off your pedestals. You are Not America’s spokespeople. Just go to work in your jobs like everyone else. Your speeches are not inspirational or super special just because you’re celebs.
  6. Stop lecturing us all on sexual misconduct when you all keep getting busted for sexual misconduct.
  7. Please stop telling us how to vote and how to live our lives when you are the biggest hypocrites out there.
  8. Some of you had promised to move to Canada when President Trump won the election. It’s about time you match it with action.
  9. Most of you are rich idiots who don’t care about anyone but yourselves. Quit molesting each other and trying to explain politics (you can’t even get a grasp on yourselves) to the rest of us.
  10. Keep your crap traps shut and clean up your own back yards! Stop telling Americans what how they should live or think, ya bunch self-righteous, pious, holier than thou PHONIES!
  11. Stop nudity in movies, it doesn’t help women. Women getting paid to get naked is not feminism.
  12. Stop black balling Hollywood Conservatives….let them have a voice!
  13. Talk less about politics and focus more on making unique and interesting stories.

Open letter to Hollywood

I hope these 13 points will bring you back to your senses. Know this that if you have an opinion, the person sitting next to you also has an opinion – learn how to respect their opinion.

Thank you,

You fan (soon to be ex-fan),

Robie, California.

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