Open letter to a mother who allowed her daughter to be harassed

(This is an open letter written by a survivor. It first appeared in Dreya Vegane’s Facebook page and then on Twitter. Please note there may be strong language involved – OL)

Written by: Dreya Vegane. Date: December 27, 2017.

Since y’all wanna f**k with me, I been holding back all 2017 so here we go.


First of all let me start by saying don’t nobody say nothing to me about Vonda Morgan or Sheldon Moses they could die tonight and I wouldn’t blink an eye. They both abandoned me from the time i was a baby and now they want to claim my daughter as their grandchild. As far as I’m concerned when they gave me up they gave up the right to become grandparents.

My father left my mother for his cousi and had 5 kids with her. He forgot all about me but that’s OK.

As for the b***h that’s supposed to be my mother. She abandoned me when i was 3 months old. Then blamed me for an abortion she had when I was 1. Wayne told her its either him or her unborn and she chose him (dumb b***h).

Then when we came to America she had different men coming in the house. Aubrey, Compton, George, Orlando, Jonathan brother Griffen from here church and list goes on. She even fucked her sister Ardis man behind her back and was married to Wayne at the time. Then the slut got pregnant again by Aubrey and her so called Christian a*s had another abortion she likes to play god. Taking other peoples life. Keep your legs closed and you won’t have to kill babies…Then she used to leave pron out so we could have access to it. She would let men sleep in our room (kofi Mark etc) her so called adopted sons. Mark kissed me and said if you was older you would be my girl. I was 12 at the time and my so called mother was ok with it. She was ok with the man tat molested me from 8 to 12 years she was ok with my sister Julia molesting me and my sister is gay. She lick puss for a living…She wold kick me out the house and tell everyone I ran away. Vonda turned my family against me. I told her my cousin Sheldon rapped me. She said i told you to stay away from him. But if he was the only one showing me love (checking making sure i ate) how do i stay away. And who would ever think your older cousin would do something like that and that family would condone it. Then Vonda told my family I’m delusional and I’m lying.

Vonda is a lying manipulative conniving b***h. Throughout my whole pregnancy she’s never once asked about me or my child. Now she wants to claim name. F**k outta here I’m done with that b***h. She can hop off the Empire State Building backwards and land on a vibrating spikey dick. I should have let Eli mother woop that a*s. She’s a heathen she a fake a*s Christian. F**k Vonda..My mother is a Slut, I Hate that B***h. I hope y’all show her this shit cuse I’ve just begun. She talk shit about all of yall, she stalks about Ardis and her dirty house. Mickey and her selfish ways and her gay husband she only got married to get his papers. Janice and her Reverend husband who left her for a sister in church. Coleen and how her man left her and used her now she can’t think straight. Ann and her wanna be a*s.

Vonda still f*****g the man that left her for his cousin. Married the b***h and gave her 5 kids but you won’t say not one word to me.

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  • We share your pain. Praying for you so that you find inner peace.

    Jessi December 30, 2017 8:30 pm
  • Shocking! I hope i will never hear this kind of stories again. One is too many. God be with you and be strong.

    Meira December 30, 2017 8:35 pm