Open letter to PayMe India: Stop sending me SMS about your client

Open letter to PayMe India

From: Mr. LMS, Date: January 3, 2018.

Dear PayMe India,

Please stop sending me SMS informing me that one of your clients have defaulted on their loan repayment.

Let me state that this is not the first time you have indulged in linking my mobile number your client’s loan process which I have no connection. Remeber this, I was never a part of your loan process. So, you have no right to send me SMS telling me to inform your client that he or she needs to “repay his/her dues to avoid further collection & legal proceedings”.


Open letter to PayIndia

You did not pay me a single paise to be your collecting agent!

Besides, don’t you know that scrapping your client’s contact list and then sending SMSes to them puts you in bad light? Do you even care to protect the privacy of your clients? Are you trying to publicly trying to “name and shame” your clients who could have valid reasons to delay their loan repayments? I pity your customers.

Given below is one of the SMSes that you sent to my phone number (I don’t remeber sharing my number with you at all as you and I have no business deal, at all).

SMS sent by AM-PayMeR on January 3, 2017: Mr. (name withheld) s/o Mr. (name withheld) is defaulting on a loan availed from PayMe India. Please ask to repay his dues to avoid further collection & legal proceedings.

It is my fervent appeal that you stop sending out SMSes to your clients’ contact list. Won’t it be better if you ethically and legally try to recover money that is due to you? I am sure that will be better both for your clients and your company.

Thank you,

LMS, India.

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  • This company has no ethics at all. I also received one such messages about one of their clients whom i don’t even know. Shame on this company for its shameful loan recovery tactics.

    prasad January 4, 2018 5:00 am