Open Letter to Omarosa: Quit ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ to save your reputation

Dear Omarosa,

Let me get to the point straight away. I was impressed when you:

1. …came out in support of Donald Trump during his campaign for the US president.

2. …were speaking out against Liberals who use African Americans as their vote bank.

3. …were appointed as White House staff by President Trump. I did expect that you would be able to contribute your energy and thoughts into governance.

4. …were fired from as White House staff and you took the high roads to defend your boss and yourself.

5. …talked about the bright future and contributions you want to make for America during your interviews post your White House time.

However, in the last few days, you just flipped over for a paltry sum of money (maybe quite big for you) to appear in Big Brother celebrity show. I think you are showing your real face now. I now began to think you don’t deserve to be given that White House job at all. You have lost your good name and your credibility by trying to sell your story on a ‘reality show’ which you know that even your whisper would be recorded on camera and then broadcast. I think you are just concerned about money. How does being on Celebrity Big Brother help your fellow Americans!

I think it is time you exit from that dreadful show so that you can protect your good name from being further destroyed. Each time you talked about the Trump administration and his Cabinet you are losing your well-wishers. Don’t think that the Left will love you like the Conservatives. Once you served their purpose or get an invite to a few chat shows, they will dump you. I think it is best to retire gracefully now from that show.

Don’t worry too much about money and fame. If you follow your heart with full conviction, you can still reach for higher grounds. Don’t sink on the celebrity swamp.

Your former fan and still a well-wisher,

Alisa Graham

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